Artos Token Migration.

To Users and Holders

May we all always be in the protection of Allah, and always in good health and always made easy in all our efforts, amen.

We hereby share Important Information about the Artos Token performance and also develop in a better direction, we developers of Artos Token will perform Artos Token Migration on October 25, 2022 at 00.00 Indonesian Time (WIB)

The changes that will occur are:
1. Smart Contract Address
2. Decimal Change
3. Changes in Transaction Fees
4. Developer Wallet Address
5. Address of Wallet Owner

Migration F.A.Q

Read Carefully this Artos Token Migration F.A.Q

What are the benefits of the Latest Version?

Flexibility : Artos will be able to leverage smart contracts within the Artos ecosystem more freely by "whitelisting" certain contracts to adjust fees from 10% to 0% (such as for commercial use). This will also give the company the ability to integrate more products that can utilize Artos as a fuel for those products.

Enhanced security: Artos can be more "reactive" to threats interacting with its smart contracts.

Ecosystem: The latest upgrade will allow Artos more Ecosystem and control over its liquidity pool and the ability to add more installation options within its ecosystem.

We have filtered the whitelist of Artos Token holder addresses in our database, and we will soon distribute New Artos Tokens To our White Listed Holders' Addresses.

We Don't expect that to happen, and we are not responsible for the use of Old Version tokens

New Version Artos Details :
Name : Token Artos
Symbol: ARTOS
Decimal : 4
Contract : 0x7Cf3C5867b052251f56103FD3C35dE1076484327

Details Artos Old Version : (Careful)
Name : Token Artos
Symbol: ARTOS
Decimal : 8
Contract : 0x1EA004397Bd1F8fa68B787FbA084BD7479f32872

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